Romancing the language | Double consonant

A quick guide of the double consonant in some Romance Languages. The easier is without any doubt Romanian: as far as I could research there are not double consonants at all.

Double consonants are very frequent in Italian they change the sound, it can be subtle but with time and context they can be identify as they change the meaning of words (Rosa is pink while Rossa is the feminine of red)

In French they don’t always change the sound guerre has the same than pire. And sometimes it all goes down to words origins.

Spanish and Catalan do pronounce double consonant differently, for Catalan I also included the l·l, ela gemiada.used to be distingued of the ll. And Portuguese has evolved in such a way that today only two double consonant exist r and s. In these three languages two c can be together and both are pronounced.

Hope it helps!

Rêver vs. Songer

teadrenchedbrioche asked : I was going to do an ask, but I couldn’t make the words fit.
But basically, I found this on the wordreference forums, and I wanted to ask if it’s a good explanation of the difference between “songer” and “rêver”?:

” Rêver is the broader term in contemporary…